Sales Manual—Spirio | R


General Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting guide focuses on connectivity issues (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, general wireless) and interface device issues.  For troubleshooting related to piano performance (playback volume, note repetition, pedal noise or piano-specific function), contact your Spirio-trained technician.  

These general troubleshooting remedy steps have solved 95% of connectivity/interface issues.  

  • In the iPad Settings, check to make sure that Bluetooth is on.
  • Make sure to connect to your Spirio | r using the Spirio app.
  • Ensure a strong WiFi signal (see the note below).
  • Ensure the iPad is within 30 feet/10 meters of the piano
  • Ensure the iPad software (iOS) and the Spirio App are up to date.  
  • In the Spirio App settings, select "Catalog", click “Sync Now”
  • Close  and re-open the App (double click the home button, swipe the app up to close)
  • Power cycle the iPad (off and on) then reconnect via Bluetooth from the Spirio app.
  • Power cycle the piano (unplug and re-plug) then reconnect via Bluetooth from the Spirio app.

If the problem persists despite the solutions above:

  • In the Spirio App settings, click on “Sign Out”, then sign back in (be sure to keep your Spirio ID close at hand as it will need to be re-entered at this stage)

If connectivity issues persist, delete and re-install the app as follows:

  • Hold your finger on top of the Spirio App on the home screen – once the icon starts to shake and a small “X” shows up on the top left, click it. Then, go to the App Store and re-install.

Specific Issues

A Note on Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a critical part of Spirio|r demonstrations and functionality. While not necessary for music playback, a strong WiFi connection for the iPad and piano is critical because:

  • Allows for remote troubleshooting
  • Allows for easy iOS and Spirio App updates
  • Access to the Spirio Spotlight page
  • Access to the in-app Help section
  • Fast troubleshooting (including the “Sync Now”, Sign Out, and app delete/re-install)

Guidelines for in-store Wi-Fi:

  • 25 Mbps is the recommended minimum required upload and download speeds for proper Spirio | r function 
  • To determine your upload and download speeds, run a test at We suggest testing at or near the Spirio.


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