Sales Manual—Spirio | R


Setting up your Spirio | r

STEP ONE — Set Up the iPad

  • Open a new iPad and follow the on-screen set up instructions.  Be sure to use the customer’s AppleID - never your or the store's AppleID.  In the rare situation where a customer does not have an AppleID, follow the prompts to create a new AppleID for them.
  • Note – Wi-Fi is necessary for iPad and Spirio app set-up, so be sure Wi-Fi will be available on delivery.

STEP TWO — Download the Spirio App

  • Go to the App Store, search for Steinway Spirio, and download the free Steinway Spirio app.

STEP THREE — Activate the Spirio App

  • Open the Spirio app and enter the unique Spirio customer ID (each customer is given a unique ID which your manager should create at Spirio Dealer Website prior to delivery).
  • Do not reuse a Dealer ID or Technician ID – they should receive a unique Customer ID.

STEP FOUR — Load the Spirio App

  • After you enter the unique ID and basic customer information, the music will load in the app. This will take several minutes, depending on Wi-Fi speed.

STEP FIVE — Connect to your Spirio | r

  • In the Spirio app, tap on Settings in the lower left corner.
  • Next, tap on “Piano Connection” from the Settings menu. 



STEP SIX — Connect to your Spirio | r (continued)

  • Tap on your Spirio piano listed under “Available Pianos”.
  • Once connected, return back to “Settings” and tap on “Piano Settings” from the Settings menu.


STEP SEVEN — Set up Wi-Fi

  • Tap on “Connect Piano to Wi-Fi Network”. 
  • Slide the toggle to the on position next to “Enable Piano Wi-Fi, then select your desired network from the list below “Choose a Network”. 
  • Follow instructions to enter your Wi-Fi password. 

Spirio|r is now connected and ready to play!



 How To Display Video

How to display video from your Spirio | r

Connect to a monitor using HDMI 

Used for showing videos on a monitor and in-store group demos 

STEP ONE – Connect your Spirio | r to the monitor

  • Plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the control box under the piano.
  • Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the monitor
  • Power cycle the piano (unplug from electricity, wait 60 seconds, reconnect to electricity)

STEP TWO – Play a video

  • Tap a video in the Spirio app and it will play on your external montior.

A Note on Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a critical part of Spirio|r demonstrations and functionality. While not necessary for music playback, a strong WiFi connection for the iPad and piano is critical because:

  • Allows for remote troubleshooting
  • Allows for easy iOS and Spirio App updates
  • Access to the Spirio Spotlight page
  • Access to the in-app Help section
  • Fast troubleshooting (including the “Sync Now”, Sign Out, and app delete/re-install)

Guidelines for in-store Wi-Fi:

  • 25 Mbps is the recommended minimum required upload and download speeds for proper Spirio | r function 
  • To determine your upload and download speeds, run a test at We suggest testing at or near the Spirio.