Sales Manual—Spirio | R

Spirio | r Description

The Steinway & Sons Spirio | r is the world’s finest high resolution player piano capable of live performance capture and playback. A revolutionary blend of artistry, craftsmanship, and technology, SPIRIO | r provides powerful new tools of expression and new ways to access, share and experience performance — enriching connection and intimacy.

Six Main Selling Features

1. First and foremost, SPIRIO is a STEINWAY piano

  • The choice of 98% concert artists
  • Handmade of finest materials
  • Rich tonal color palette only Steinway provides

2. World-class content available

  • Recorded by prestigious Steinway Artists
  • Includes historical performances by Steinway Immortals
  • Includes sync videos (current and immortal artists)

3. High-resolution technology delivers lifelike performances

  • Measures hammer velocity and proportional pedaling
  • 1,020 dynamic levels per note measured up to 800 samples per second
  • 256 pedal positions measured up to 100 samples per second

4. Record, edit and playback in high-resolution

  • Spirio | r users can record and edit with the same high resolution standards previously only available in the Steinway studio
  • No other player piano system offers recording, editing and playback all in high-resolution.  
  • Native to the Spirio App, the Spirio editor provides the world's only advanced iPad-based editing capabilities to Spirio files, allowing users to edit every nuance of their performances.

5. SpirioCast

  • The world's first high resolution piano broadcast on a Steinway.
  • SpirioCast will feature unique Steinway curated events, masterclasses with Steinway artists, and the sharing of performances in real time between remote instruments. 
  • Coming soon

6. The intuitive App provides easy operation

  • New content is added automatically, each month, at no extra charge
  • iPad Pro included in Spirio|r purchase - the perfect interface
  • App controls are intuitive for all users

The Spirio Customer

While we are seeing new Spirio|r institutional buyers (mostly from education, entertainment and hospitality industries), Spirio|r home-use buyers align very closely with Spirio purchasers - the average Spirio customer is a male business executive who does not play, does not request traditional model selection, is more space sensitive than price sensitive, and purchases Spirio because it provides more ways to rationalize a Steinway purchase.*  
*based on customer profile data 


Catalogue Details

As of May, 2020, the Spirio library consists of over 4,000 songs and 65 sync videos.  On average, the library grows by 40-50 songs (3-4 hours of music) and one video each month.

  • Primarily recorded by Steinway Artists
  • All current and future music is complimentary
  • New music is added automatically to the app on the first Friday of each month

For a real-time count of songs available, go to the Spirio App settings, then App Info, and find Catalog Size. Check the Spirio Spotlight each month for update highlights.

10 Most Popular Songs With Customers

Here are the ten most popular songs with Spirio customers worldwide.  Be sure to use some of these in your demo since we know customers love them. 

  1. Bagatelle for Piano in A minor, WoO 59 "Für Elise" (Ludwig van Beethoven) - Jenny Lin
  2. Hello (Adele) - Sunny Choi
  3. Hotel California (Eagles/Don Felder) - David Osborne 
  4. Aladdin:  A Whole New World (Alan Menken) - Simon Mulligan
  5. Neptune's Daughter:  Baby, It's Cold Outside (Frank Loesser) - Simon Mulligan
  6. Piano Man (Billy Joel) - David Osborne
  7. Liebesträume for Piano, S 541: No. 3, O Lieb, so lang (Franz Liszt) - Lang Lang
  8. Benny and the Jets (Elton John) - David Osborne
  9. Someone Like You (Adele) - David Osborne
  10. Halo (Beyonce) - Sunny Choi

Data as of May, 2020, based on customer app usage and ranked in order of popularity.

Common Customer Objections

Here are three of the most common objections that arise when presenting Spirio.  With each objection are some features (don't forget the corresponding benefits) that have helped other salespeople overcome those objections and close the sale.